ScanPro 3000 Microfilm and Microfiche Scanner

The Only Ultra High Definition Microfilm Scanner.

ScanPro 3000Highest optical resolution scanner with the clearest image.

This new ScanPro 3000 brings Ultra High Definition scanning to microfilm with an unprecedented 26 megapixel camera, allowing for never-before-seen archival quality images from all forms of microfilm. The new camera capabilities are the highest of any microfilm scanner and the optical resolution is over 500dpi on a letter page, making the ScanPro 3000 the highest optical resolution scanner with the clearest image. 

Use the on-screen magnifier to inspect details at up to 800%.

The on-screen magnifier lets you inspect the smallest text and image detail by magnifying it up to 800%.




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ScanPro 3000 Spec Sheet