Document Scanning Services

document scanning

If your company is converting documents in-house, you’re paying too much! For over 40 years Konica Minolta has provided high quality, cost effective document conversion services. We use state of the art equipment and world-class capture software to produce high quality images in a highly secure environment. We offer a wide range of conversion options:

  • Paper-to-Digital
  • Archival Microfilm Backups
  • Paper-to-Microfilm
  • Microfilm-to-Digital
  • Wide Format Digital Scanning
  • Data Entry

Our conversion process employs state of the art quality control techniques including:

  • 100% Image Quality Control
  • Kofax Virtual ReScan (VRS) Technology
  • Auto-Image Cropping
  • Auto-Image De-skew & Rotation
  • Auto-Image De-speckle
  • Endorsement Stamp
  • Bar Code Tracking & Inventory System

Where Do You Start in Your Business or Organization?

Paper-intensive departments have the most paper-pain and are optimal areas to begin scanning documents. 

Human Resources Scanning

Accounts Payable Scanning

Higher Education Scanning

Medical Record Scanning                                                                         

Non Profit Scanning                                                                         

Blueprint Scanning                                                                       

Dealership Scanning

Konica Minolta offers a variety of indexing options including data entry, Auto-Indexing (OCR) and Barcode recognition.

Digital Images can be returned in any standard file format including PDF, Tiff, JPEG, etc. and via CD, DVD, Blu-ray DVD or uploaded to our secure FTP site. Documents can be returned, stored or shredded.

We can provide document conversion services on a project basis or as an ongoing, outsourced back office service  including our cost effective virtual mailroom services.

Environmental responsibility is integral to Konica Minolta’s corporate mission and values. We are committed to recycling 100% of all converted documents. We offer certified document destruction as well as standard shredding services. 100% of converted and destroyed documents are baled and recycled.

As a result of our recycling efforts, Konica Minolta has saved over 1131 trees, and is responsible for saving more than 5,239 cubic feet of landfill space each year.

Why Hire Konica Minolta for Document Scanning/Conversion Services?