Human Resource Document Scanning Services

Human Resources is a paper intensive department within the organization and the move towards a paperless environment is essential. 

document scanningResumes, applications, legal documents, federal and state tax information needs to be maintained within an employee file.  Most states require keeping records after an employee leaves and most opt to keep the information indefinitely for legal reasons.  So how do you handle employee records? 

Document Scanning – The First Step in a Paperless environment

Document Scanning is the first step in efficiently managing paper based employee records, benefits administration files, contracts, tax forms, and other HR related documents.  By converting paper documents into electronic files, all information can be securely stored and easily retrieved.  Personnel files and related documents of current and terminated employees are quickly and easily accessible and space costs are reduced as rows of files cabinets and stacks of boxes are eliminated.

Our human resources document scanning includes the following:

  • Resumes and Applications

  • Interview Notes and Records
  • Employee Personal Records
  • Employee Performance Records
  • Benefits and Awards Records
  • Training Records
  • Termination Records
  • Other HR related documents

Why Hire Konica Minolta for Document Scanning/Conversion Services?