Accounts Receivable Document Management

Konica Minolta offers unique solutions to help clients to deal with the Storage and Retrieval of their Accounts Receivable Information.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable departments that solve their automation of supporting transactional information are not only able to automate the storage of documents, payment records and other supporting information but also better serve their employees and clients by giving them access to information when and where it's needed. Let us improve your operations for greater employee efficiency and improved client-facing result.

We understand that nearly every enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides you with the core, transactional details of Accounts Receivable or AR transactions, but oftentimes lacks tools to automate the storage of documents, payment records, and other important supporting information.

Our Accounts Receivable Solutions revolve around ensuring that all of the supporting transactional information is available to your employees and clients when and where it's needed. This includes the ability to store and share Proof of Delivery Information for clients to help expedite payments and avoid disputes.

We can help you to improve the following facets of your AR Solutions: 

Accounts Receivable Processing

  • Collections Management
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Electronic Invoice Presentment
  • Remittance Processing

There is no understating how crucial an Effective Accounts Receivable process is to the operation of an effective business.

AR Management has traditionally involved the use of an ERP or Accounting System such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or even QuickBooks, and a Paper File Folder which contains all of the back-up information associated with a transaction. With our solutions, all of the backup information is placed into a Document and Content Management System for immediate retrieval directly from the ERP System.

The manual processing of remittance documents and managing cash applications can be a challenge.

We provide a proven alternative to both Lockbox Service Providers and Manual Data Entry.  We can equip your company with the tools to process remittance payments in house without the need for significant labor, and at a savings over using outsourced Lockbox Service providers.

Accounts Receivable Brochure:


Accounts Receivable Processes Brochure

The time and money organizations spend processing payments can be overwhelming. The expense grows as the business does, negatively impacting profitability. By automating payment processing, organizations maximize the efficiency and accuracy of critical business decisions that affect financial health.


accounts receivableA Better Workflow Solution for Accounts Receivable 

Are you searching for ways to improve AR staff efficiency and reduce errors? Are you looking for better visibility into your cash flow and working capital? Do you need a faster way to track the varied credit and payment terms that govern customers and suppliers?