Human Resources Document Management

Effective Document Management streamlines many Human Resource Processes and offers business cost savings and increased competitive edge.

Human Resource departments that solve their challenge of maintaining security and gaining access to a myriad of documents and information from different sources are not only able to handle a range of information from paper to electronic applications, evaluations, photos and signatures, but also reinvigorate their operations with a proactive approach to managing their information. Let us help you gain finger-tip integration of your sea of documents for improved service to your employees.

Built around Konica Minolta's HR Document Management Solution makes it possible to automate an entire human resources operation utilizing technology and best practice methodologies. Management gains immediate, secure access to any employee's personnel file via the Web.

OnBase Human Resource Solution

Enable Employees to be productive.

Employees are enabled to take a proactive approach in managing their information - everything from address and phone number changes and vacation requests, to insurance and benefits changes. This provides great efficiencies within the department and gives employees a sense of control over their information.

Imagine being able to consolidate Personnel Files, Medical Files, and Equal Employment Opportunity records through a central interface.

Browser screens allow managers to access employee information from anywhere with the proper user access. This saves time when it comes to scheduling and employee reviews and other aspects of employment. Information that was very hard or impossible to access before, is now available with a few key strokes.

It allows managers to have a full employee file in front of them versus having to search through several systems and file cabinets. Users can attach electronic notes to documents and can make changes to a file without having to use paper. This eliminates the need for duplicate personnel files and scattered record keeping.

Benefits of Human Resources Document Management:

  • All Human Resource records are integrated into one easy interface.
  • Multiple users are granted access to information previously locked up in paper.
  • Clerical time required to scan and index items is less than half of that required to manually file and retrieve folders of information.
  • Reduces the burden of paper storage and retrieval costs.
  • Eliminates misfiled or lost documents.
  • Provides additional security for HR files - documents secured by document sensitivity and user access levels.


Human Resources Brochure: 

A Total Content Solution for Human Resources

A changing global workforce, increased security demands, limited budgets, rising costs—is your human resources team meeting these challenges?