Commercial Insurance Document Management Solutions

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After years of consolidation, the commercial insurance industry must continue to reduce expense ratios and provide differentiated risk management services. Underwriting and claims processing requires effective and secure collaboration on critical business content between agents, carriers, brokers and insurers. At the same time, insurance companies and agents need to offer a wide range of value-added services to clients who expect much more for their premium dollars.

To compete effectively, insurance companies need to streamline paper intensive claims and underwriting processes, lower operating costs and provide full visibility on critical business content directly from familiar desktop environments.

Insurance agents and companies work with large volumes of unstructured underwriting and claims information contained in e-mails, voicemails, local disk drives, file servers and disparate legacy systems. Document Management Solutions provide the foundation to electronically capture, organize and manage many versions of your work product, including policy manuals, claim forms and correspondence. Legacy documents and files can be scanned and consolidated into policy and claims folders for easy access.

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