Health Insurance Document Management Solutions

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The solutions we offer enable health care organizations to automate their document-driven processes by capturing all health, patient or financial information at the point of entry, transforming it into actionable information, and routing it to the point of care in a secure and auditable manner. Now organizations can use one unified platform to capture and process any type of document, including social security cards, admission forms, claims, EOB forms, invoices, reports, charts, MRIs, EKGs, and X-ray images. This will dramatically change your everyday business operations for the better!

Increase Efficiency

Automatically capture and classify any health, patient and finance document, and route process-ready information to the point of care.

Move to Electronic Health Records

Capture, transform, exchange and archive health information, enabling meaningful use and improving access to ARRA funding.

Reduce Operational Healthcare Costs

Eliminate the handling, shipping and storage of documents, and make service and financial information available at the point of care.

Enable Better Healthcare Quality

Share real-time electronic information with patients, nurses and doctors to enable better health care decisions.