Are You Drowning In Paper?

Problem: Too Much Paper Slowing You Down?      

If your office is like most other offices, then the thought of clearing out the clutter and paper overload is probably a daunting task.

paper overloadThe amount of paper we use today is astounding. Documents, invoices, receipts, credit card statements, and expense forms alone can be thousands or millions of pieces of paper. Paper just being stored in filing cabinets, drawers, or boxes can be a very expensive way to manage your documents. It takes not only valuable office space that could be used for better purposes, but also is very inefficient and vulnerable to many different elements.

Sound Familiar?

  • I save everything.
  • I am drowning in a sea of information.
  • I am challenged with ensuring my records are purged according to our retention schedules.

The Solution = ECM

Discover Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with OnBase, it's tailored for Departments and comprehensive for Enterprise.

paperless officeWhen an organization begins to explore new ways to manage their paper and business processes, it's often spurred by one or two departments drowning in paper or certain business processes that are operating inefficiently. Paper challenges and manual processes can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive and this is causing organizations to change the way they operate. Exploring the area of Document Management can be a long process that usually starts with educating yourself about the technologies and products out there that would work for your specific situation.