Content Migration Module

Today, you may use an application extender to manage your scanned documents along with Microsoft SharePoint® as a general purpose business platform supporting critical functions, such as document collaboration, workflow, intranet sites, Internet sites, business intelligence and enterprise content management.

Working with legacy ECM products, however, can be challenging and expensive. The XenDocs Content Migration module provides a simple solution for content migration into SharePoint from legacy application extenders. Based on a detailed migration plan, your IT staff can efficiently move your application extender documents into SharePoint or we can bulid the migration plan for you. The process is cost-effective, simple and highly automated so that you same time and money.

Learn about our process: XenDocs Migration Module for SharePoint. 


Key Business Drivers

  • Lower IT support costs through vendor and software application consolidation
  • Eliminate costly software maintenance agreements
  • Simplified software integration model
  • Enhance user adoption with single scalable enterprise platform


We are here to help. You can engage our migration consulting team for professional services. We follow a four-step process for each migration project:

  • Assessment: Analyze the application extender
  • Plan: Document a detailed migration plan
  • Prepare: Configure the SharePoint Farm
  • Execute: Use the Content Migration module to move the application extender documents into SharePoint based on the migration plan

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