XenDocs File Importer Module

Every day, your organization receives critical business documents and images in digital formats from ad hoc sources such as:

  •   Scanned images captured from copies and multifunction printers (MFPs)
  •   Documents received from a fax server
  •   PDF files generated by automated reporting systems

To get these important files into SharePoint, you often use burdensome, manual techniques, such as printing and scanning or having users upload the files into SharePoint directly.

Instead, the XenDocs File File Importer Module of our ECM solution automatically captures files and metadata from configurable "watch folders" on your network into SharePoint eliminating the need for any manual processing.

Metadata & Coversheets

The Importer also captures metadata values from file properties and/or barcoded coversheets, which are mapped to SharePoint columns and saved along with the files in SharePoint, so your documents are either fully or partially indexed the moment they are saved into SharePoint.

Using the XenDocs Coversheet Generator, as a SharePoint user, you can easily "pre-index" your documents (before scanning), to create and print barcoded cover pages that can be placed on top of your physical documents. This allows the index values to travel with the document, so when the pages are scanned the data is automatically mapped to the corresponding SharePoint columns. The Coversheet Generator is a component of the XenDocs Importer module.

The question is, “Why use the XenDocs Coversheet Generator?” It is common for most scanning applications to follow a straight-forward process where you scan the documents, then enter index field values to the scanned image. But, these traditional approaches do not accommodate the need to index your documents before turning them over to a centralized scanning team or to distributed users that want to scan documents from a copier or multifunction peripheral (MFP) device with limited indexing support.

Example XenDocs Coversheet used with SharePoint


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