XenDocs Image Annotation Module

Konica Minolta’s XenDocs Image Annotation module allows you to easily implement digital document identification, ownership rights and guidance. Working with Kofax Capture ™ , the module enables text information to be wrriten on scanned images as part of an automated workflow process.  You will be able to improve records management, reduce overhead and expenses and maintain the original integrity of your documents while increasing your staff’s productivity. 

 You can easily position and automatically apply user-defined text strings, static information, barcodes, or any data that varies by page, such as unique document handling information, page numbers (i.e., Bates Numbering, “For Internal Use Only” ) or date/time stamps on scanned images. 


Image Annotation Module - Bates Numbering Module for Kofax Capture: 

You can use the XenDocs Image Annotation with Bates Numbering for Kofax Capture to make and identify images with copyrights by putting a company name or legal copyright on them, as well as adding an auto-incrementing number, giving both protection and improved identification of digital records. 

Seamless Integration 

Also, with Kofax Capture, you are able to create and/or edit the setup tabs. The "Highlighting Annotation" feature functions in much of the same manner as you would set up any of Kofax Capture's standard queues (scan, index, OCR, etc.). The module’s exclusive page scaling features can either scale the image or its canvas to accommodate the annotation, protecting the integrity of the original record to ensure that nothing on the image is overwritten. Need to annotate a large amount of documents? Our page processing time to annotate images equates to nearly four-to-six image pages per second.  

Custom Application Development 

Konica Minolta is able to provide software engineering support to meet unique your specific application requirements. Should you require customization services, we would be pleased to discuss additional feature support.

XENDOCS and the XENDOCS FOR ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT software is not affiliated with the XEN-branded family of software products and services offered Citrix Systems, Inc.