XenDocs Search & View Module

Using the search capability in SharePoint it is natively optimized to search for content within each document using keywords and tags. However, this approach is not ideal when you need to quickly locate transactional business documents. In this case, you must rely on precise metadata queries to locate the right content quickly.

XenDocs Search optimizes SharePoint for this scenario, allowing you to intuitively build and execute sophisticated metadata queries. As part of our XenDocs software suite for SharePoint, this powerful web part allows you to easily build sophisticated document queries using a graphical query builder.

Further, you can sort and page the results as needed, preview documents with thumbnail images, and open the desired documents in a full-featured image viewer.


XenDocs Search includes Vizit Essential™ for "visual preview" of your documents within the search results, enabling you  to easily identify just the right document before opening it in a full-featured document / image viewer powered by Vizit Pro™.

The XenDocs Search web part can be used in place of the traditional SharePoint document library web part. It extends the common document library features, with a powerful query interface into the library's metadata.

XENDOCS and the XENDOCS FOR ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT software is not affiliated with the XEN-branded family of software products and services offered Citrix Systems, Inc.